Chronic Pain

Pain is a sensational response to dangerous or damaging stimuli. When activated, messages are transmitted by specific nerves to the spinal cord. Even though pain is an unpleasant experience, it serves as a protective mechanism to signal that the normal anatomy or physiology has been deranged, which leads us to seek corrective treatment.
Pain as a sensation serves to prevent ongoing trauma and to protect the injured area from harm whilst it is healing. However, there are situations where the painful experience far outlasts any tissue damage and does not convey any survival value but does prolong the suffering of the individual. Different patients have different thresholds of pain, and as per the definition, pain is a personal experience that may vary from person to person in magnitude, physical manifestations, and perceptions.
Acute Pain happens when you get hurt, such as experiencing a simple cut to your skin or a broken bone. It doesn’t last long, and it goes away after your body heals from whatever caused the pain. In contrast, Chronic Pain continues long after you recover from an injury or illness.
Chronic Pain is pain that lasts for over three months. The pain may be periodic or persistent, occurring in localized zones or may be systemic across the body. Some people suffer Chronic Pain even when there is no past injury or apparent body damage, but in other cases, it is a symptom of a lifelong injury or disease. Chronic Pain can interfere with your daily activities, such as working, having a social life, and taking care of yourself or others. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping, which can make your pain worse. This response creates a cycle that’s difficult to break.
Wavetec’s Rejuvo Pain Band was developed to deal with Chronic Lower Back Pain through the combination of Active Heat Therapy (Thermotherapy) and Light Therapy (Photo-biomodulation) to instantly reduce lower back pain & speed up the recovery and healing process for long-term pain relief. This combination is more effective than either heat therapy or light therapy alone and safer than other pain management solutions.