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Wavetec provides patented, high-end technology to enhance circulation and relieve pain. Scientifically validated and completely customizable, our devices offer personalized, effective treatment solutions to improve quality of life.

Active Compression

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Active compression mimics the natural movement of muscles to stimulate contractions. It relieves pain and discomfort in the treatment area by enhancing blood flow and reducing muscle swelling. Ideal for athletes and people with poor circulation, active compression can bring instant relief to achy, fatigued limbs and help manage life long conditions such as lymphedema, Post mastectomy edema, Phlebolymphedema, and venous insufficiency.

Improves healing & metabolism
Improves circulation

Photobiomodulation uses non-ionizing light to support the healing process. It specifically targets pain and inflammation to enhance the benefits of therapy. As a result, the patients will notice an improvement in the treatment area within a shorter time.

Immediate pain relief
Improves circulation and flexibility

Heat provides pain gating to reduce pain, increases flexibility in the surrounding tissue & increases the size of blood vessels leading to a flood of nutrients and oxygen into the affected area.

Improving circulation and lymphatic drainage
Decrease swelling

Static compression has also been shown to help decrease swelling and pain. By applying pressure to the area, they reduce extra fluid build up, reduce inflammation, edema, and ultimately improves blood flow. As a result, it helps maintain the benefits gained throughout active compression treatment.

Remote patient monitoring systems
Mobile app integration

We use Bluetooth to connect treatment insights to personal or medical devices. The remote patient monitoring system gives patients and professionals insight into treatment and tracks progress.

Enhanced feedback mechanism
Muscle stimulation enhances the effects of treatments

Haptic technology refers to the transmission of information through touch. We use haptics to enhance therapies and better read muscle stimulation feedback. This technology allows the wavetec devices to improve processes throughout treatment and enhance overall results.

Biometric sensors
Device specific sensors

Integrated sensors allow us to capture information about the health and wellness of our users. We incorporate device specific sensors to enhance and give unique treatments to each individual. Biometric sensors capture characteristics of patients, while our device sensors process signals to improve treatment of the area of concern. Both of these provide patients with customized and effective treatments.

Fabric that provides breathability and comfort

It’s crucial that wavetec devices are not only effective but comfortable too. Our one-knit technology provides users with enhanced breathability and comfort so they can relax and unwind while completing their therapy.