Calf Compression For Muscle Recovery

When you exercise strenuously, micro-tears can appear in the muscles. Your body not only repairs the damage in these muscles but remodels them into larger, stronger versions of themselves so they are more adept at working out next time. It’s a nifty way your body heals which means you can keep pushing yourself to the next level, but the short-term effects of this can be uncomfortable: unhappy limbs and swollen, inflamed muscles.

Active compression helps to combat this by aiding blood circulation through using external pneumatic compression. This effectively pumps blood towards the heart, reducing intramuscular space available for swelling and helping to promote the stable alignment of muscle fibers.

In other words, compression stimulates the muscles into replicating their usual action, resulting in less muscle injury, swelling, and soreness. Muscle repair time is also reduced, helping to improve athletic performance. Active compression also assists in dispersing the lactic acid accumulated as a byproduct of anaerobic respiration and may also have potential benefits for injury prevention and management. Active compression-induced changes in tissue blood flow and perfusion also appear to result in improved oxygenation to muscle tissues.

The Wavetec calf compression device contains an innovative, patent-pending compression pattern that prevents leg swelling by improving blood circulation in the body. It does this by mimicking the skeletal muscle pump that occurs following strenuous exercise, aiding in the return of blood to the heart so swelling and muscle injury are reduced.

We’ve also developed the device to help aid in dispersing lactic acid build-up and increasing oxygenation to tissues, meaning that the recovery period needed by your body between workouts is shorter.

  • Accelerated recovery from athletic activities in just 15 minutes
  • Reduced muscle soreness and fatigue to keep legs healthy & fresher
  • Improved blood circulation to rid leg swelling, recover faster, and perform better
  • Improves oxygenation to muscle tissues, making you game-ready faster